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Felipe Camargo chiude El Bon Combat 9b

Pubblicato il 21 - 04 - 2019

Felipe Camargo chiude El Bon Combat 9b

Felipe Camargo, climber brasiliano, sale El Bon Combat, il tiro gradato 9b chiodata da Chris Sharma.

Fonte Instagram @felipe.camargo

«“El Bon Combat” 9b ✅! What a especial day! I was really feeling the pressure to send today…the weather looks really bad from tomorrow onto the next week and the filmmakers are leaving soon, could have been the last shot to send with them and who knows…maybe the last shot before i had to go back to Brasil! I dreamed with @davidlama_official last night, woke up super sad…posted about him and was thinking of him all day…the pressure was just totally off, i put things in perspective and felt like it didn’t really matter if i sent anymore…at least not today! I gave a good first try but broke a foot hold and fell. On my second try the wind kinda of stopped, i made through the first crux, got to the kneebar rest and for the first time i didn’t feel any pressure…all i could think while resting was how fucking good @davidlama_official climbed…i remembered some of the World cups that i watched him win, climbing so confident and so relaxed, the wind picked up again and i just went for it…didn’t hesitate, climbed fast and sent!! I clipped the anchors and just started crying immediately… that is a moment that i will never forget! Thanks @ethan_pringle for all the support and fun times working on this route together! Thanks @chris_sharma 👑 for the vibes today and Martí for bolting this amazing route! And thanks @davidlama_official for another time influencing my climbing from whenever you are! Im drinking for you today 🍻 🎥: still from #dedicate coming out soon on @redbulladventure»